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Triangle Whole House Fans

Reduce home cooling bills by up to 90% with the number 1 whole house fan in the world!

If your house already has an air-conditioning system, use your Whole House Fan at temperatures of 85 degrees or below and the air conditioner at temperatures of 85 degrees or above, and you'll receive maximum comfort with greatly reduced electricity bills. Savings of up to 90% savings are common. Northern California Whole House Fans keep you cool while saving money. It really is this simple and easy.

Service-free and quiet as a whisper, these fans come with Triangle Engineering's unique Automatic Belt Tensioning that extends motor life and eliminates the need for manual belt adjustments.

The steady rise of cost for electricity means this fan will pay for itself in savings over just a few years!
Plus many power companies now offer a rebate incentive!

Receive a $100 Rebate!

SMUD, PG&E, Lodi Electric and Modesto Irrigation all offer rebates. Check the links below for specific information.

For example SMUD offers residential customers who qualify a $100 rebate for the installation of a whole house fan in their home (limited to one rebate per residence). The whole house fan must be purchased for permanent installation in a residence receiving SMUD electric service and must move at least 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). Rebates are subject to change and/or discontinuation. Call 1-888-742-SMUD(7683) or visit SMUD web site to obtain current information. SMUD reserves the right to inspect installation premises or request additional information or documentation prior to rebate payment.

Other rebate programs:

Our TRIANGLE FANS feature:

  • Two speed motor
  • Wall switch is standard
  • Patented automatic belt adjusting
  • Deep pitch four-wing blade for maximum air movement
  • Rubber mounted, sealed fan shaft bearings
  • 1"x4" wood frame, ready to install
  • Rubber damper between fan and wood frame for quieter operation
  • Heavy gauge steel welded construction
  • Die cast aluminum hub and balanced blades
  • Optional between the truss box designed to fit between ceiling joists or truss cords that are 24" on center
  • No truss-cut installation
  • Sealed ball bearing motor
  • 4-paddle balanced blade assembly
  • UL listed

Automatic SHUTTERS feature:

  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frames and louvers with felted edges for effective sealing
  • Frame has 3/16" diameter mounting holes
  • Tie rod on each side of shutter assures uniform blade opening when fan is on
  • Blades have anti-friction pivot pins for fast, minimum-load opening and closing action
  • Shutters open and close automatically, keeping out air, insects and dust
  • Choice of standard, no-cut joist shutter or BT (between the joist) shutter
  • Optional shutter to fit between trusses or ceiling joist up to 36"
  • White polyester baked enamel finish blends with the white ceiling finish